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http://www.yogabhoga.com.au - Yoga, Meditation, Pre & Post Natal yoga, Yoga for Fertility, Reiki treatments, Attunements, Maternal Reiki, HypnoBirth! 


http://www.metro.co.uk/lifestyle/836745-hypnobirthing-a-man-taking-charge-du -ring-childbirth  this is a fantastic article about a husband's view of his role in the birth of his child with HypnoBirthing!

http://www.naturalbirth.com.au - Deb Cuthill - Qld

http://www.weleda.com.au/Babycream_production_118.aspx Weleda: in harmony with nature and the human being

- NSCC Health Promotion Project

http://www.thealternativecentre.com - Marilyn Boon, Hypnotherapist & HypnoBirthing Training in Australia

http://www.BirthingSense.com - Leanne Cummins, Birthing Sense - Making sense of your pregnancy, birth & early parenting experience

http://www.time.com/time/connections/article/0,9171,1101040301-593553,00.html  ~ Time Magazine ~ HypnoBirthing article

http://www.intuitioniseasyandfun.com/movie.cfm - reconnect with your intuition - let it guide you through your pregnancy, birth and beyond!

Orgasmic Birth ~ Marie Claire Magazine, July 2009

HypnoBirthing on YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v536xaNBMh4

http://www.natural-birth.com.au">Pregnancy</a> Your online guide to Pregnancy and Birth

http://www.synergywithin.com.au/HBInformation.html - Ruseel Marling, South Australia

http://www.pregnantpossibilities.com - Bree Taylor Molyneaux, Queensland

http://metropolis.co.jp/features/body-soul/birthing-made-easy/ - HypnoBirthing in Japan


"No other natural bodily function is painful and childbirth should not be an exception".
Dr. Grantley Dick-Read  (1890-1959)

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