fresh from heaven.

Here are some of the HypnoBirth Babies and groups of parents who have chosen to birth their children consciously.
HypnoBirth babies are calm, happy, and content and have good sleeping patterns.
I love nothing more than meeting the babies in person whom I have connected with during their time in their Mother's pond.  I also love to hear their parents tell their birth stories first-hand to their group and watch how animated and alive they are reliving such an important milestone in their lives.  But most of all, its the change in the Mothers that warms my heart, truly transformed by their empowering experience of birthing on their own terms, of feeling their way and knowing their joy at meeting their child for the first time.
I am truly blessed to do the work I love.  Om Shanti!
Sacha & Jack-_CHARLOTTEIssac



"No other natural bodily function is painful and childbirth should not be an exception".
Dr. Grantley Dick-Read  (1890-1959)

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